Motocross Gear GP Air Collection

Troy Lee Designs GP Air Gear has always been about giving moto riders exactly what they need, with the GP Air Jersey and Pant earning a loyal following from those riders who appreciate the extremely lightweight and breathable design. The GP Air’s polyester mesh construction ensures continuous cooling airflow, while stretchable panels maintain a comfy fit. When those hot summer days make the motos drag, riders can rest assured the GP Air Gear from Troy Lee Designs will keep them flying high and staying cool.

GP Air Jet Team Jersey
GP Air Jet Pants
GP Air Prisma 2 Jersey
GP Air Bolt Jersey
GP Air Raceshop Jersey
$22.80 to $38.00 $38.00
GP Air Pants Mono
GP Air Youth Mono Pants
$63.00 to $99.00 $99.00
GP Air Youth Jet Pants