Mountain Bike Protective Gear

World class riders like Brendan Fairclough, Brandon Semenuk, and Logan Peat trust Troy Lee Designs to provide the armor that allows them to walk away from crashes on burly World Cup downhill tracks or slopestyle competition courses.  Whether you need full coverage or specific area only, TLD MTB body armor is constructed to defend your body when your skills find their limits.  The patent pending technology and flexible configuration found in every piece of mountain bike safety gear (from knee pads to shoulder straps and everything in between) is devised to keep you riding another day.  Laying it on the line in XC, BMX, Enduro, and Downhill competitions, the world’s best riders need the world’s best protective gear and so do you.

Raid Elbow Guard
Raid Knee Guard
Speed Knee Sleeve
Elbow/Forearm Guards
T-Bone Knee Guards
Knee/Shin Guards
Method Knee Guards
Speed Elbow Sleeve
Youth Knee/Shin Guards
5955 Chest Body Guard
5850 Protective Shirt
$69.00 $115.00
3800 Protective Youth Vest
$45.00 $75.00
3800 Protective Vest
$57.00 $95.00