Mountain Bike Helmets

Troy Lee Designs creates the best mountain bike helmets available. Designed for professional racers and weekend warriors, our full face and open face helmets provide uncompromising safety for all cyclists. Additional use of impact absorbing materials like EPS and the revolutionary use of EPP, combined with maximum airflow, adjustability, and a comfort lining mean MTB helmets that provide protection and all day wearability no matter the terrain you ride. With distinct style and eye-catching graphics, TLD BMX, XC, and Downhill mountain bike helmets can be found on race podiums and lowly garages around the world.

Stage Race Helmet
Stage Stealth Helmet
D3 Fiberlite Helmet Mono
D3 Fiberlite Helmet Factory
$191.20 to $239.00 $239.00
D3 Composite Corona Helmet
$300.00 $375.00 20% Off
D3 Carbon Freedom Helmet Mips
$396.00 $495.00 20% Off
A2 Starburst Helmet Mips
$140.00 $175.00 20% Off
A2 Decoy Helmet MIPS
$135.20 to $169.00 $169.00
A2 Superstar Helmet MIPS
$140.00 $175.00 20% Off
A2 Pinstripe 2 Helmet Mips
$140.00 $175.00 20% Off
A1 Classic Helmet Mips
$111.20 to $139.00 $139.00
A1 Drone Helmet
2018 A1 Drone Helmet
$87.20 $109.00 20% Off